The Ten Commandments (Children's Version)

1. Do not have other gods.

Believe in and serve only the one true God.

2. Do not have idols.

Do not worship created things.

3. Do not misuse the Lord's name.

Treat God's name with respect.

4. Keep the 7th-day Sabbath (Saturday) holy.

The Sabbath is a weekly remembrance of the Creator.

The Sabbath is a day to know Jesus better.

5. Honor your parents.

Respect and obey your parents.

6. Do not kill.

Respect life.

7. Do not commit adultery.

Do not be unfaithful in marriage.

8. Do not steal.

Do not take anything that does not belong to you.

9. Do not give false testimony.

Do not say things that are not true.

10. Do not covet.

Be content and thankful with what you have.